The video for our song ITERATIONS is out now! we worked together closely to create an intense visual enhancement for our song, using original art by Daniela and combining digital animation with video footage.




Let us hypnotise you with this video for our song AERIAL off of the album MATTER released by Anette Records. All art and video material by Daniela. Directed and edited by both of us. Hope it will give you energy <3


Live at Stromschiene

Livestream from November 27, 2020 @ Stromschiene; Alte Schmiede, Vienna




We released our new album MATTER with the lovely label Anette Records.

We are so excited and relieved to finally share it with you after working on it for years. Please do feel free to place an order or listen to the whole LP!


you can order the vinyl here:

or stream it on spotify here:



»MATTER«, theclosing’s third album and their first as a duo, sees Daniela Palma Caetano Auer and Alexander Hengl paint their own sonic world with a colourful palette of musical influences. Mixing analogue and digital sources, sheer noise and harmony, distant sounding snippets from everyday life and processed vocals, »MATTER« comprises material that is based on long-form improvisation. The Viennese producers draw heavily on textural ambient, post-rock dynamics and adventurous forms of electronic music on their debut for Berlin’s Anette Records to paint a holistic picture with musical means. »MATTER« is thus a record dedicated as much to catharsis as to genesis - to closure, but also to the ways that take you there.


As an album, »MATTER« floats freely and radically changes course when you least expect it. Six minutes into the eerie yet ethereal ten-minute opener »CORRELATIONS«, an intricate beat emerges from the thick fog of densely layered field recordings, drones and fractured voices. Complemented by the blaring synthesizers and a driving bassline, it creates a groove where before there was only a haunting, impalpable atmosphere. It is a decisive moment on this record that is full of unforseen turns. From the fluttering beats of »ITERATIONS« to the murky noise of »ARRAY«, which suddenly erupts into outbursts of complex rhythm work, »MATTER« creates an ebb and flow of intensities.


»AERIAL« opens the flipside as a slowly unfolding piece that harkens back to the heydays of the clicks’n’cuts style before picking up speed with a throbbing techno groove. The title track closes the album with a tense organ-like loop that provides the template for broken beat experimentation from which a steady groove arises after a while, marching forward towards something entirely different. It is the perfect closing statement to an album which explores the relationship between matter and energy, and which is both emotionally and spiritually charged but which, most of all, does not at one second compromise stylistically or otherwise.


MATTER (Tape Edition + Ambient Version)

A new edition of MATTER is out now! It contains an ambient version of the entire album as a seamless bonustrack with additional field and voice recordings. Besides the digital album there is also a small edition of cassettes, with the ambient version on the b-side, limited to 50 pieces. You can get them at the release show November 20 at rhiz vienna.


And there are some tapes left to order from Anette Records or FilthyBroke Recordings:


FilthyBroke Recordings (SHIPPED FROM USA):

You can get the digital version on both sites and if you already have the original album you can buy the ambient version seperately as well.



primordial stars

out now via Anette Records





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Anette Halbe Stunde

"The Vienna based duo theclosing are the third contributors for our new mixtape series Anette Halbe Stunde. They take us on a ride through their inspirational artists that impressed and left a mark on both of them over the last couple of years. All tracks have a very serene vibe, so the mix is meant to be a soundtrack mastering all the stress in life, while ranging from ambient to intensive drum programming, simply just to trigger the inner calmness."

Artwork by Daniela Palma Caetano Auer

Layout by Moritz Welker






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